Girini tutti assieme!

fishingaxolotlAmbystoma’s a giant newt who rears in swampy waters,

As other newts are wont to do, a lot of fishy daughters:

These Axolotls, having gills, pursue a life aquatic,

But when they should transform to newts, are naughty

and erratic.

They change upon compulsion, if the water grows too foul,

For then tjey have to use their lungs, and go ashore to prowl:

But when a lake’s atractive, nicely aired, and fool of food,

They cling to youth perpetual, and rear a tadpole brood,

And newts Perennibranchiate have gone from bad to worse:

They think aquatic is bliss, terrestrial a curse.

They do not even contemplate a change to suit the weather,

But live as tadpoles, breed as tadpoles, tadpoles altogheter!

(B. Grizmek, Animal Life Encyclopedia)


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